Corporate Sponsors

sponsorsLeadership San Ramon Valley continues to thrive and grow because of the financial support from its alumni, community organizations, and local businesses. Tuition alone covers about half of the program expenses. Last year, contributions helped fund facilitators, facility rental, program materials and tuition assistance. As a result, this year we are pleased to be able to provide $2,500 in scholarships to four deserving participants.

We are proud to list the businesses, organizations and friends who generously contributed financial or program support to Leadership San Ramon Valley during the past year:

ATI Architects & Engineers

Bay Area News Group

Braddock & Logan

Brookfield Homes

Town of Danville

Diablo Black Men’s Group

ENGEO Incorporated

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Beverly Lane

Leadership San Ramon Valley Alumni

Leadership San Ramon Valley Board of Directors

Mary Lou Oliver Alan Ramos

Don & Sharon Ritchey

City of San Ramon

San Ramon Rotary Foundation

San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District

San Ramon Valley Unified School District

Shapell Industries of Northern California

Sunset Corporation

Union Bank of California

Wells Fargo Foundation

Financial Sponsors

A company may sponsor by becoming a financial sponsor. A financial sponsor pays a set amount of money in exchange for benefits outlined in a sponsorship agreement. Benefits may include an opportunity to promote the company to the sponsored organization’s membership or audience; an advertisement or mention in official programs, newsletters or press releases; or signage or logos on promotional materials.

$25-$100 Friends
$101-$200 Silver Supporters
$201-$300 Gold Leaders
$301-$400 Platium Patrons
$400+ LSRV Sponsors

In-Kind Sponsors

In-kind sponsors donate goods or services rather than cash as their sponsorship offering. For example, a local bakery may sponsor participants with coffee and Danish pastries. In this sense, the bakery is not giving a cash contribution, but making a donation of goods instead.

Media Sponsors

A media sponsor is a company that finances or secures media coverage for the program. For example, a media sponsor may pay for an advertisement in a local paper, or foot the cost of putting up a billboard or filming a television commercial. The advantage of this type of sponsorship is that a sponsor may simultaneously promote his own company by tagging ads with his business logo and verbiage such as, “brought to you by” or “sponsored by” the name of the company.

Location Sponsors

A business may offer the use of its facilities as a form of sponsorship.